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The others life

I found I read a lot of biographies recently, and I am still buying more.

What am I expecting for in these books?

Could these books offer me the experience of being the others? Or I would say more or less, we are all suffering something that unsatisfied, unpleasant, disappointed, upset or depressed in real life, so one may wish to experience others life, which maybe quite happier and different from one’s original and a biographie happens to offer this oppotunity to the people one expects to be, especially those celebrities. And these lives maybe more realistic to us comparing to novels or fictions.

Or perhaps, a biographie satisfies one’s fever of snooping others life, even the private part, since some happy people are reading too. The others life has an enduring popularity during people’s chat in tea or dinner time. This amazing instinct seems having no connections with the level of education. So should I comfort myself and say “hey they got tough time either” when it is so described in the book?

Hmmm, it is not about history, society, thinking or culture, we are just gossiping…or maybe in proper manners.

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